Final Distribution Products: AU Solutions

Everyone needs safe and reliable power. Whether it is an industry,  household appliances and farm equipment, our low-voltage final distribution products address every need of protection, control, and monitoring of electrical distribution and ensure the highest level of safety to your electrical devices.

Our Final Distribution Products include protection devices such as Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs), Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs), Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) as well as a host of control and monitoring devices (Isolators, Modular Indicators etc.) and different types of Distribution Boards.

From protection against overload and earth leakage to lightning and switching surges, our AU range of Final Power Distribution Products safeguards all your electrical devices and protects from electrical shocks.   

Designed to save every Watt of consumption with all the essential features built-in,  our products are easy to install, operate, and service.

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Protection devices in the AU Solutions range protect lives and installations from overload, short-circuit, earth leakage, lightning and switching surges.

MCBs – Protection with Savings

Apart from providing protection against overload and short-circuit faults, the AU range of MCBs is designed to offer the lowest watt loss in the industry. This conserves power and helps you save much more than money.

0.5A – 125A | B, C, D Curves | SP, DP, TP, FP, SPN & TPN
Available in Standard & Quick Connect Version

RCCBs – Conditioned for every condition

A sensitivity range from 10mA to 500mA with Type AC and Adi (Added Immunity) makes the AU Solutions range of RCCBs suitable for applications ranging from household to industrial.

16A – 100A | 10mA – 500mA | DP & FP
Available in AC & Adi

RCBOs – Enhanced Safety

The AU Solutions range RCBOs provides protection from overload, short-circuit and earth leakage.

6A – 100A | 10mA – 300mA | DP & FP
Available in AC & Adi

SPDs – Safety against surges

SPDs provide protection to electrical/electronic equipment against a brief overvoltage spike or disturbance on a power/signal waveform called a surge. The AU Solutions range of SPDs provides protection against lightning and switching surges.

Type 1+2 – Imax 50kA & 100kA | 1P+N, 3P+N
Type 2 – Imax 15kA, 40kA & 70kA | 1P+N, 3P+N



The AU Solutions range of protection devices are complemented by a host of monitoring devices.

Accessories – The freedom to choose

With the AU Solutions range, you can select from a common set of accessories for RCCBs, RCBOs, MCBs and Isolators.

Energy Meters – that talk

The AU Solutions range of Energy Meters is ahead of its time, meeting your need for energy management.

Indicating Lights – Longer life, higher savings

The AU Solutions range of indicating lights uses LED technology, known for its low power consumption. Indicating lights show the status of the supply in the electrical system



The AU Solutions range includes a host of Control Devices

Isolators – Operational safety, downstream

Isolators are typically used for a switching function and to provide isolation in electrical circuits. The AU Solutions range of isolators is available from 25A to 125A in 2P, 3P and 4P versions.

25A to 125A | DP, TP & FP

Modular Contactors – The smart solution for remote switching

Modular contactors provide remote switching and automatic control of electric devices and equipment used in residential and commercial spaces.

25A to 63A | SP, DP, TP & FP

Changeover Switches -Change over to a secure power supply

If continuity of power is what you seek for your business, the AU Solutions range of manual Changeover Switches is the answer. The Changeover Switches perfectly suit your applications, having a range of up to 63A.

25A to 63A | DP & FP

Time Switches – Ahead of their time

The AU Solutions range of Time Switches controls the ON and OFF operations of lighting and other loads. The range consists of Analog, Digital and Astro-time switches.

ACCL -Automatic Changeover with Current Limiter

A perfect solution for efficient distribution of generator power in high-rise apartments, townships, and commercial buildings. The ACCL will switch the load to the back-up/generator supply when the main/default supply goes off. On resumption of default supply, ACCL will automatically switch from back-up to default supply.

Wide Range of Current Ratings – (Generator side) – 1.5A to 30A – (Electricity Boards side)- 30A


Communication Solution

AU-COM addresses the remote monitoring and controlling requirement of the building and industrial segments. The communication solution consists of AU-COM & AU-CON (an optional Converter Module).