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Key Features of Englaze:

  • Fabulously Flat Look – Englaze is designed to look flat from every angle. With super thin plates and carefully crafted switches, these do not bulge or clutter, they just stay pretty.
  • Smart Connectors –  Do not go searching for adapters now, plug in everything directly with smart connectors. HDMI, VGA, RCA, USB for data & charging and just about everything you need.
  • Glamorously Wide – The two module plates add glamour to your walls with its uniquely sleek and chic style.
  • Beautifully Bridgeless – Our design philosophy allows no room for gaps. Every element seamlessly flows into the next like a well-written poem.
  • Safety Shutters – Go ahead and let your children be mischievous. Every socket is carefully designed with safety shutters to keep them safe.
  • Indicative Regulators – Do not worry about fumbling with the regulators anymore, these beauties come with indicators that tell you exactly what speed it’s on. Plus it’s oh so pretty!
  • Silver Safety – No need to keep disinfecting your switches.


Key Features of Entice:

  • Integrated functionality with aesthetics – a wide range of multimedia and data connectivity solutions, from communication sockets for HDMI, VGA, USB & RCA to a modular USB charging points.
  • Safety – Spark shield, fire retardant and shock proof features, along with LED indicators and individual safety shutters.
  • Aesthetics – Sleek rib-less design and zero dust collection makes it easy to clean
  • Durability – Highest operating life with 3 lakh switching operations and full rotating fan regulator knob which ensures no breakage.


The ORIS range stands out among the many variants in the market with its quality, dependability and aesthetics. Its signature aesthetics with elegant contours, glossy marble finish and rib-less design leave only a hairline gap between the switches, making cleaning easy. Its fire retardant and impact resistant polycarbonate body add to its reliability. ORIS actually glows in the dark which means even in a dark room you will know where the switches are located.

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